Does Job Testing Harm Minority Workers ? Evidence from Retail Establishments

  title={Does Job Testing Harm Minority Workers ? Evidence from Retail Establishments},
  author={David H. Autor and David L A Scarborough and Daron Acemoglu and Joshua Angrist and David Card and John Donohue and Roland G. Fryer and Caroline Hoxby and L William Katz and Edward Lazear and Michael Green},
Because minorities typically fare poorly on standardized tests, job testing is thought to pose an equality-efficiency trade-off: testing improves selection but reduces minority hiring. We develop a conceptual framework to assess when this trade-off is likely to apply and evaluate the evidence for such a trade-off using hiring and productivity data from a national retail firm whose 1,363 stores switched from informal to test-based worker screening over the course of one year. We document that… CONTINUE READING
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