Does Filtering Preclude Us from Studying ERP Time-Courses?

  title={Does Filtering Preclude Us from Studying ERP Time-Courses?},
  author={Guillaume A. Rousselet},
  booktitle={Front. Psychology},
Filtering can distort signals (Lyons, 2004), a problem well documented for ERP data (see, e.g., Luck, 2005; Kappenman and Luck, 2010; May and Tiitinen, 2010). It is thus recommended to filter ERPs as little as possible (Luck, 2005). Recently, VanRullen (2011) provided a healthy reminder of filtering dangers. Using simulated data, VanRullen demonstrated that an effect occurring randomly between 150 and 180 ms post-stimulus can be smeared back in time by a 30-Hz low-pass filter, and appears to… CONTINUE READING