Does Bisexuality ‘Undo’ Gender? Gender, Sexuality, and Bisexual Behavior Among BDSM Participants

  title={Does Bisexuality ‘Undo’ Gender? Gender, Sexuality, and Bisexual Behavior Among BDSM Participants},
  author={Brandy L. Simula},
  journal={Journal of Bisexuality},
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Drawing on West and Zimmerman's classic theory of “doing gender,” which argues that gender is something we do rather than something we have or are, as well as recent feminist conversations about whether it is possible to ‘undo’ gender, this study analyzes the role of gender in BDSM 1 bisexuality. This research analyzes 32 semistructured, in-depth interviews; correspondence and diaries held by the Leather Archives and Museum; and 344 public discussion board threads selected for themes related to… 
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