Does Audiovisual Congruency in Advertisements Increase Persuasion? The Role of Cultural Music and Products

  title={Does Audiovisual Congruency in Advertisements Increase Persuasion? The Role of Cultural Music and Products},
  author={Ashok K. Lalwani and May Oo Lwin and Pee Beng Ling},
  journal={Journal of Global Marketing},
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ABSTRACT Given increasing advertisement clutter, advertisers are increasingly trying unconventional means to attract consumers' attention. One such method involves the use of incongruent ads, which are believed to attract viewers' attention. This research was conducted to ascertain the impact of audiovisual congruency in ads and the moderating role of product involvement on three facets of consumer response: attention to the ad, attention to the brand, and purchase intentions. Participants were… Expand
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How Does Music-Message Congruency in Online Video Advertisements Enhance Consumers’ Behavior Intentions? A Serial Multiple Mediator Model
  • Yongzhong Yang, Ruo Yang, Xiaoting Song, Yunyan Tang
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • IEEE Access
  • 2021
A serial multiple mediation model in which the relationship between music-message congruency and behavior intentions is sequentially mediated by arousal and brand trust was constructed and tested and showed that music- Message Congruency has a positive effect on behavior intentions. Expand
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