Dods: Providing Direct Access to Distributed Research Data Resources


i n t e r o p e r a b i l i t y . . . M A N Y EXCITING ADVANCES in o c e a n o g r a p h y are occurring because of the data being acquired from newly developed instruments and observing systems. However. the volume and diversity of the data being generated by these systems presents researchers with formidable data management problems. Adding to the complexity of the data management problems is the fact that many oceanographers also want and need access to the data of other researchers or national oceanographic archives. In order for oceanographers" research endeavors to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies it is critical that researchers be provided convenient and easy' access to data. "Ibis paper describes the design of a distributed data system for oceanographic data that addresses this problem. The system, currently under development, will enable research oceanographers to interactively access and directly' import distributed. on-line science data using their own personal research analysis and processing applications. The system is being developed jointly; by researchers and stall at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The realization that such a system was needed became evident in 1992 at The Oceanography Society meeting held in Seattle. At that meeting a number of on-line data systems were demonstrated that illustrated the potential of providing access to research data over the Internet. However. no pair of the systems demonstrated could communicate easily. It was clear that while numerous useful oceanographic data systems were being developed there had been no coordination to permit interoperability between them. In October 1993, the issue of developing an interoperable, distributed system for accessing oceanographic research data was explored in detail at a workshop organized with the help of The Oceanography' Society and held at the W. Alton

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