Documents of American realism and naturalism

  title={Documents of American realism and naturalism},
  author={Donald Pizer},
Donald Pizer presents the major critical discussions of American realism and naturalism from the beginnings of the movement in the 1870s to the present. He includes the most often cited discussions ranging from William Dean Howells, Henry James, and Frank Norris in the late nineteenth century to those by V. L. Parrington, Malcolm Cowley, and Lionel Trilling in the early twentieth century. To provide the full context for the effort to interpret the nature and significance of realism and… 

Americanist Literary Realism: Howells, Historicism, and American Exceptionalism

In November 1887, America's preeminent author and editor William Dean Howells wrote an open letter to the New York Tribune urging others to join him in his attempt to stay the execution of the

The Language of the Stones: The Agency of the Inanimate in Literary Naturalism and the New Materialism

A suspicion toward inherited notions of agency has long been recognized (and frequently decried) as a defining feature of literary naturalism. But while the deterministic worldview of writers like

Corporeality in turn -of -the -century American fiction

My dissertation argues that a number of novels published in the U.S. during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries work to reveal corporeality's contributions to knowledge and meaningful


  • B. Swenson
  • Art
    The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • 2017
Often overlooked, Robert Herrick (1868–1938) was an experimental novelist who produced a sustained and critical engagement with the economic, political, and aesthetic effects of unregulated

A Louisiana Swamp Doctoris Diagnosis: Romantic Fatality and the Frontier Roots of Realism

Throughout the first half of the nineteenth century, scientists, social theorists, and artists tended to dichotomize all facets of physical and social life. In his study of nineteenth-century medical

American literary Realism

Hegel's philosophy in general stands at the centre of modern Western thought. Hegel's system integrates major intellectual developments, such as the various streams of Enlightenment and Romanticism,

The Embodiment of Symbolism, Realism and Naturalism in The Grapes of Wrath

  • Xinyu Zhang
  • Art
    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Public Health and Education (SSPHE 2018)
  • 2019
The Grapes of Wrath won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for John Steinbeck. The following paper is a study of the artistic characteristics running through the novel. The Grapes of

A Free Union?: The Sexual Politics of Progressive-Era Socialist Novels

“A Free Union?” is the first comprehensive critical study of novels written by members of the Socialist Party of America (SP) from 1901 to 1917. Published mostly by mainstream presses at the height

The Cambridge Introduction to American Literary Realism

Introduction: American literary realism 1. Literary precursors, literary contexts 2. The 'look of agony' and everyday middle-class life: three transitional works 3. Creating the 'odor' of the real:

Lynching Coverage and the American Reporter-Novelist

Paul Laurence Dunbar’s 1904 story “The Lynching of Jube Benson” opens with three men conversing in a smoke-filled library. They drift from one topic to the next until one of them, “an ambitious young