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Documenting the literature of marine biology

  title={Documenting the literature of marine biology},
  author={Elizabeth Fuseler-McDowell},
scholar at 1S1examinin g the literature of marine biology. As she mentions, this winter we were fortunate to play host to a visiting research fellow from the USSR: Alexander Pudovkin, Institute of Marine Biology, Vladivostok. Pudovkin’s work (as yet unpublished) involves a new method of clustering journals, based on a mathematical measure of journal relatedness. The resulting clusters can be mapped using multidimensional-scaling techniques. To develop and illustrate his methods, Pudovkirr… 

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Indices of journal citation relatedness and citation relationships among aquatic biology journals

Simple quantitative indices of pair-wise journal citation relatedness are translated by an automatic clustering procedure into a meaningful map diagram reflecting topical relatedness of journals within a field of science.

The history of the Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom and the influence of the publication on marine research

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Citation relationships among marine biology journals and those in related fields

Sm~ple quantitative indices of pair-wise journal The journals considered here are those which gave citation relatedness (based on the numbers of references the highest number of ,-itations to the



The Use of Probability Paper for the Graphical Analysis of Polymodal Frequency Distributions

  • J. Harding
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The mathematical analysis of bimodal distributions is very complex. Karl Pearson (1894) investigated the problem and developed equations for the purpose; but found them unsolvable as the ‘majority

The Cytochemical staining and measurement of protein with mercuric bromphenol blue

The mercuric bromphenol blue reaction as used for development of protein spots on filter paper has been found to be applicable to the cytological staining of proteins, allowing good differentiation of structures often difficult to observe.

Linear Regressions in Fishery Research

In the very common situation where the distribution of the variates is non-normal and open-ended, a functional regression is the most appropriate one even for purposes of prediction.

Characteristics of dispersions and water-soluble extracts of crude and refined oils and their toxicity to estuarine crustaceans and fish

The quantitative hydrocarbon composition and behavior in seawater of water-soluble fractions (WSF) and oil-in-water dispersions (OWD) of 4 oils was investigated and the WSFs and OWDs of the refined oils were considerably more toxic to the 6 test species than were those of the crude oils.

The Ecological Role of Water-Column Microbes in the Sea*

Evidence is presented to suggest that numbers of free bacteria are controlled by nanoplankton~c heterotrophic flagellates which are ubiquitous in the marine water column, thus providing the means for returning some energy from the 'microbial loop' to the conventional planktonic food chain.

Nematodes from some Norwegian marine fishes

More than 260 specimens of fish, belonging to 64 species, have been searched for nematode parasites and 9 species of fish were found to be free of nematodes.

Oceanography. McGmw-Hi{l encyclopedia of science and technology

  • New York: McGraw-Hill,
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