Documenting instructions for follow-up imaging.

  title={Documenting instructions for follow-up imaging.},
  author={Leonard Berlin},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={196 6},
  • Leonard Berlin
  • Published in
    AJR. American journal of…
  • Medicine
  • AJR 2011; 196:W849 0361–803X/11/1966–W849 © American Roentgen Ray Society QuEstIon: I’d like your advice on a small matter. We have a digital mammography system. When we see an abnormality that needs follow-up imaging, we need to communicate to our staff where the lesion is in the breast. We used to mark the actual films with an erasable yellow, red, or black grease pencil. We cannot do that anymore with digital images, so we circle the area on an image and create a new image series that we… CONTINUE READING

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