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Doctrine Is Not Enough: The Effect of Doctrine on the Behavior of Armies

  title={Doctrine Is Not Enough: The Effect of Doctrine on the Behavior of Armies},
  author={Paul A. Johnston},
What effect does doctrine ever really have on an army's behavior? That's a strange question, perhaps, for a journal such as this. At least since the founding of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) in 1973, there has been a great deal of debate in the US Army and wider defense community about what doctrine should be: attritional? maneuverist? AirLand Battle? More recently, further doctrinal debates have emerged about jointness and the "revolution in military affairs." All such… Expand
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United in Fact? A Critical Analysis of Intent and Perception in the Application of American and British Army Doctrine
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Some Doctrinal Questions for the United States Army
In a US Army Training and Doctrine Command TRADOC) Historical Monograph Series publication titled "From Active Defense to AirLand Battle: The Development of Army Doctrine 1973-1982 (June 1984),"Expand
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