Doctoring the Past in the Present: E. A. Wallis Budge, the Discourse on Magic, and the Colonization of Iraq

  title={Doctoring the Past in the Present: E. A. Wallis Budge, the Discourse on Magic, and the Colonization of Iraq},
  author={Adam H. Becker},
  journal={History of Religions},
  pages={175 - 215}
ç 2005 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. 0018-2710/2005/4403-0001$10.00 The healing art, it was believed, might procure favour and protection, by affording convincing proof of the benevolence of our motives; for it is well known that to relieve the sufferings of the body is the most ready way of access to the heart. It would also procure access to places where none but a physician could go. ( Asahel Grant , 1841) 1 
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Die Augenheilkunde in der von Budge herausgegebenen syrischen ärztlichen Handschrift
Während der Fertigstellung der vorhergehenden Arbeit erschien die von BUDGE herausgegebene ärztliche Handschrift in syrischer Sprache ). Das große Verdienst, welches sich WALLIS BUDGE dadurch
An attempt to clearly delineate the clergy is of course one of the markings of modernity in the West as well as in the Middle East, see
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Unlike Budge, much as been written on Bell. See, e.g., the more recent popular biography
  • Janet Wallach
  • 1996
for William White and the anti-Catholicism in missionaries dealing with him. On White, see C. L. Smith, The Embassy of Sir William White at Constantinople
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