Docking in metal-organic frameworks.

  title={Docking in metal-organic frameworks.},
  author={Qiaowei Li and Wenyu Zhang and Ognjen S Miljani{\'c} and Chi-Hau Sue and Yan-Li Zhao and Lihua Liu and Carolyn B. Knobler and J. Fraser Stoddart and Omar M Yaghi},
  volume={325 5942},
The use of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) so far has largely relied on nonspecific binding interactions to host small molecular guests. We used long organic struts (approximately 2 nanometers) incorporating 34- and 36-membered macrocyclic polyethers as recognition modules in the construction of several crystalline primitive cubic frameworks that engage in specific binding in a way not observed in passive, open reticulated geometries. MOF-1001 is capable of docking paraquat dication (PQT2… CONTINUE READING
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