Dobutamine improves gastrointestinal mucosal blood flow in a porcine model of endotoxic shock.


OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that saline solution plus dobutamine increases gastrointestinal mucosal perfusion better than saline solution alone in a model of endotoxic shock. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, unblinded study. SETTING Animal research laboratory affiliated with a university teaching hospital. SUBJECTS Twelve female pigs, weighing 30 to 32 kg. INTERVENTIONS Animals were anesthetized, and their lungs were mechanically ventilated. Catheters were inserted into the right atrium, pulmonary artery, and carotid artery for blood sampling and blood pressure and cardiac output measurements. A tonometer and a laser Doppler probe were placed in the lumen of the stomach and the ileum for determination of mucosal acid-base status and measurement of mucosal blood flow. Group 1 animals (n = 6) received an infusion (T = 0 min) of 150 mcirog/kg Escherichia coli endotoxin and normal saline solution (0.3 mL/kg/min). Group 2 animals (n = 6) received an infusion of endotoxin and were resuscitated with the same method as used in group 1, but an infusion of dobutamine (5 microg/kg/min) was begun at T = 60 mins, and continued for the duration of the experiment. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS Both experimental regimens produced shock, with decreased mean arterial pressure and systemic vascular resistance, without change in cardiac output and oxygen delivery. Endotoxin plus saline infusion decreased gastrointestinal mucosal blood flow to <60% of baseline and decreased gastrointestinal pH. In contrast, gastrointestinal mucosal blood flow returned to baseline values, and intramucosal pH tended to normalize by the end of the saline solution plus dobutamine resuscitative protocol. CONCLUSION Compared with saline solution alone, saline solution plus dobutamine increased blood flow to the gastrointestinal mucosa, and may have partially improved oxygenation.


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