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Do season and habitat influence the behaviour of Haflinger mares in a coastal dune area

  title={Do season and habitat influence the behaviour of Haflinger mares in a coastal dune area},
  author={I. Lamoot and M. Hoffmann},
  journal={Belgian Journal of Zoology},
  • I. Lamoot, M. Hoffmann
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Belgian Journal of Zoology
  • This study was performed to gain more knowledge about the behaviour and habitat use of Haflinger mares, free-ranging in a low-productivity dune area. Detailed data on these animals' time budgets were collected over a full year, through the focal animal observation technique. On average the Haflinger horses spent 68 % of the daytime grazing, 18 % resting and 8 % walking. Seasonal features influenced horses' behaviour, mainly through a change in grazing time. Shorter grazing time in summer… CONTINUE READING
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