Do primordial lithium abundances imply there’s no dark energy?

  title={Do primordial lithium abundances imply there’s no dark energy?},
  author={Marco Regis and Chris S. Clarkson},
  journal={General Relativity and Gravitation},
  • Marco Regis, Chris S. Clarkson
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • General Relativity and Gravitation
  • Explaining the well established observation that the expansion rate of the universe is apparently accelerating is one of the defining scientific problems of our age. Within the standard model of cosmology, the repulsive ‘dark energy’ supposedly responsible has no explanation at a fundamental level, despite many varied attempts. A further important dilemma in the standard model is the lithium problem, which is the substantial mismatch between the theoretical prediction for 7Li from Big Bang… CONTINUE READING

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