Do platelets synthesize factor XI?

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D. GA ILANI ,* A . Z IVEL IN , D. S INHA§ and P . N . WALSH§ *Departments of Pathology and Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA; The Amalia Biron Research Institute of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel; and §The Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center, Departments of Medicine and Biochemistry, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA 
von Willebrand factor, clotting factors, and clotting inhibitors in apheresis platelet concentrates
Apheresis platelet concentrates (APCs) are usually stored in citrated plasma at 22°C. The stability of coagulation proteins—von Willebrand factor (vWF), clotting factors (CFs), and their
Factor XI Deficiency.
Treatment with low-dose recombinant activated factor VII in patients with severe FXI deficiency appears promising and new observations related to clinic presentation, genotype-phenotype correlation, and treatment problems in patients are presented.
Factor XI deficiency : a study of clinical, laboratory and molecular modifiers of bleeding phenotype
Factor XI (FXI) is a plasma glycoprotein that participates in the consolidation phase of blood coagulation and is important in the creation of a stable fibrin clot. Deficiency of FXI leads to an
Tissue factor storage, synthesis and function in normal and activated human platelets.
Factor XI: hemostasis, thrombosis, and antithrombosis.
Interplay between platelets and coagulation
A type II mutation (Glu117stop), induction of allele-specific mRNA degradation and factor XI deficiency.
Platelet- and lymphocyte-derived mRNA from three Glu117stop heterozygotes were analyzed by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction and sequencing, demonstrating allele-specific reduction of FXI Glu 117stop mRNA.


The effect of combined factor XI deficiency with von Willebrand factor abnormalities on haemorrhagic diathesis.
The combination of FXI and vWF deficiency is common and may affect the bleeding tendency in mild FXI deficiency, and 14 bleeders had significantly lower mean vWF, Ag, ristocetin cofactor and ristOCetin induced platelet aggregation than 14 non-bleeders selected on the basis of comparable FXI levels.
Association of Factors XI and XII with Blood Platelets.∗
  • H. Horowitz, M. Fujimoto
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 1965
Normal platelets were subjected to successive saline washes and measurements made of factors V, VII and X, XI and XII in the resuspended platelets, finding the potential significance of those clotting factors which tightly adsorb to platelets is discussed.
The Glycoprotein Ib-IX-V Complex Mediates Localization of Factor XI to Lipid Rafts on the Platelet Membrane*
It is concluded that factor XI is localized to GPIb in membrane rafts and that this association is important for promoting the activation of factor XI by thrombin on the platelet surface.
Hereditary Giant Platelet Syndrome
Summary The platelets from two related patients with the hereditary giant platelet syndrome were examined. They were larger than normal but otherwise ultra‐structurally normal; they contained
Factor XI messenger RNA in human platelets.
The data do not support the premise that the 220 kD platelet protein that cross-reacts with FXI antibodies is a product of an alternatively spliced mRNA from the FXI gene.
The role of factor XI in the coagulant activity of platelets.
Washed platelets were ruptured by freezing and thawing; a coagulant activity was released which would correct the clotting time of factor XI (FXI)-deficient plasma only in the presence of kaolin.
Comparison of bleeding tendency, factor XI coagulant activity, and factor XI antigen in 25 factor XI-deficient kindreds.
In conclusion, bleeding tendency appears to be consistent within a given kindred and is not determined exclusively by factor XI:C orfactor XI:Ag levels.
Factor XI deficiency.
Although a factor XI concentrate is available there have been recent reports of coagulation activation and thrombosis indicating that it should be used cautiously, and fresh frozen plasma may be an acceptable alternative in some situations.
Platelets and Initiation of Intrinsic Clotting
The platelet, by supplying both platelet factor 3 and activities bypassing plasma contact activation factors XI and XII, may provide an important route for activating intrinsic clotting.