Do observations have any role in science policy studies? A reply


In Van den Besselaar et al. (2017) we tested the claim of Linda Butler (2003) that funding systems based on output counts ave a negative effect on impact as well as quality. Using new data and improved indicators, we indeed reject the claim of utler. The impact of Australian research improved after the introduction of such a system, and did not decline as Butler tates. In their comments on our findings, Linda Butler, Jochen Gläser, Kaare Aagaard & Jesper Schneider, Ben Martin, and iana Hicks put forward a lot of arguments, but do not dispute our basic finding: citation impact of Australian research went p, immediately after the output based performance system was introduced. The response by our commenters boils down to the following points:

DOI: 10.1016/j.joi.2017.05.022

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