Do large-scale inhomogeneities explain away dark energy?

  title={Do large-scale inhomogeneities explain away dark energy?},
  author={G. Geshnizjani and D. Chung and N. Afshordi},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Recently, new arguments [E. Barausse, S. Matarrese, and A. Riotto, Phys. Rev. D 71, 063537 (2005).][E. W. Kolb, S. Matarrese, A. Notari, and A. Riotto, hep-th/0503117 [Phys. Rev. Lett. (to be published)].] for how corrections from super-Hubble modes can explain the present-day acceleration of the universe have appeared in the literature. However, in this paper, we argue that, to second order in spatial gradients, these corrections only amount to a renormalization of local spatial curvature, and… Expand