Do fruit reflectance properties affect avian frugivory in New Zealand?

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Bicultural landscapes and ecological restoration in the compact city: The case of Zealandia as a sustainable ecosanctuary
In the context of the highly compact bicultural capital city of Wellington, New Zealand, this paper explores the development of an ecosanctuary initiated by the community. The indigenous flora and
Interspecific competition for frugivores: population-level seed dispersal in contrasting fruiting communities
Mechanisms by which the rarity or dominance of plant species might be jointly influenced by environmental constraints and frugivore-mediated indirect interactions among plants hindering or facilitating seed dispersal are suggested.
Frugivores and the evolution of fruit colour
Fruits in Uganda have higher contrast against leaf background in the red–green and luminance channels whereas fruits in Madagascar contrast more in the yellow–blue channel, indicating that fruit colour has evolved to contrast against background leaves in response to the visual capabilities of local seed disperser communities.
Fruit colour and edge effects poorly explains frugivorous bird-plant interactions in disturbed semideciduous forests
The findings indicate that colour and edge effects, as well as the interaction between them, may not be strong predictors of fruit choice by birds in disturbed environments, especially because generalist species, which are less sensitive to the physical alterations in forests, are favoured in these areas.
Photopigments and the dimensionality of animal color vision
  • G. H. Jacobs
  • Biology
    Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
  • 2018
The evolution of fruit colour: phylogeny, abiotic factors and the role of mutualists
The results demonstrate that fruit colour is affected by both animal sensory ecology and abiotic factors and highlight the importance of an integrative approach which controls for the relevant confounding factors.
Evolutionary cascades induced by large frugivores
  • J. Brodie
  • Environmental Science
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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Assessment of macroevolution of fruit traits in response to variation in the diversity and size of seed-dispersing vertebrates in the Indo-Malay Archipelago revealed that average fruit size tracks the taxonomic and functional diversity of frugivorous birds and mammals.
Structural absorption by barbule microstructures of super black bird of paradise feathers
Physical structure is known to contribute to the appearance of bird plumage through structural color and specular reflection, but a third mechanism, structural absorption, leads to low reflectance and super black color in birds of paradise feathers.