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Do biodynamic practices influence yield, quality, and economics of cultivation of chilli ( Capsicum annuum L.)?

  title={Do biodynamic practices influence yield, quality, and economics of cultivation of chilli ( Capsicum annuum L.)?},
  author={P. Jayasree and Ann E. George},
  journal={Journal of Tropical Agriculture},
Effects of adopting a biodynamic calendar for timing the cultural operations and a manurial schedule involving two biodynamic preparations (separately or together) and panchagavyam (a mixture of 5:1 cow dung and ghee in a 5:3:3:5 cow’s urine, curd, milk, and water formulation) in conjunction with organic manures as well as ‘organic manures alone’, and the recommended practices of nutrient management (RP) on yield, quality, and economics of chilli cultivation were evaluated in a field experiment… 

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  • P. Malathi
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