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Do actively managed equity funds outperform index funds

  title={Do actively managed equity funds outperform index funds},
  author={Maaike Bryon and Laurent Verhoeven},


The Implications of Style Analysis for Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation
Consider the child's game tic-tac-toe. There is simply no way to win, even if a genius is playing against an opponent of only moderate intelligence. Each player, in turn, simply blocks the other
Five Myths of Active Portfolio Management
Five myths are debunked here. It is not true that: the return investors earn in an actively managed fund measures the skill level of the manager; the average active manager is not skilled and
An Index Fund Fundamentalist
This article revisits the author's 1998 study, which showed the superiority of low–cost equity funds over their high–cost alternatives for the five years ending 1996, and finds this is true—index funds outperform their actively managed counterparts in eight of the nine style boxes.
The Use and Abuse of Mutual Fund Expenses
Prior research shows that mutual fund investors are often aware of up-front charges like sales loads, but they are less mindful of annual operating expenses, even though both types of fees lower