Do We Really Need to Thank the Beatles for the Financing of the Development of the Computed Tomography Scanner?

  title={Do We Really Need to Thank the Beatles for the Financing of the Development of the Computed Tomography Scanner?},
  author={Zeev V. Maizlin and Patrick M. Vos},
  journal={Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography},
  • Z. MaizlinP. Vos
  • Published 1 March 2012
  • Economics
  • Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography
Abstract It is commonly believed that the revenues from the selling of the Beatles’ records by Electric and Musical Industries (EMI) allowed the company to develop the computed tomography (CT) scanner. Some went to define this as the Beatles’ gift to medicine. However, significant controversies and discrepancies arise from analysis of this statement, making its correctness doubtful. The details of financing required for the CT development and the part of EMI in financial input have never been… 

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AJR:191, July 2008 community has been immediate, unreserved, and overwhelming, even without well documented proof of its clinical usefulness.” Ter-Pogossian also observed that “more than a dozen

The Beatles gift to medicine

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    • 1981