Do Terrorists Win? Rebels' Use of Terrorism and Civil War Outcomes

  title={Do Terrorists Win? Rebels' Use of Terrorism and Civil War Outcomes},
  author={Virginia Page Fortna},
  journal={International Organization},
  pages={519 - 556}
  • V. P. Fortna
  • Published 2015
  • Sociology
  • International Organization
Abstract How effective is terrorism? This question has generated lively scholarly debate and is of obvious importance to policy-makers. However, most existing studies of terrorism are not well equipped to answer this question because they lack an appropriate comparison. This article compares the outcomes of civil wars to assess whether rebel groups that use terrorism fare better than those who eschew this tactic. I evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of terrorism relative to other tactics… Expand
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Choosing Terror: Rebels' Use of Terrorism in Internal Armed Conflicts 1970-2010
Why do some rebel groups use terrorism as a tactic while others do not? Why some opposition groups engage in terrorism while others do not is of obvious importance both to the study of terrorism moreExpand
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