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Do Technostress Creators Influence Employee Innovation?

  title={Do Technostress Creators Influence Employee Innovation?},
  author={S. Chandra and S. C. Srivastava and Anuragini Shirish},
  • S. Chandra, S. C. Srivastava, Anuragini Shirish
  • Published in PACIS 2015
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Despite the spurt of active research in the field of technostress, two research gaps are particularly noteworthy. First, though past studies have described ‘technostress creators’ through five dimensions which include techno-overload, techno-invasion, techno-complexity, techno-insecurity and technouncertainty, the individual impact of each dimension of technostress creators on job outcomes has not yet received enough attention. Most research conceptualizes ‘technostress creators’ through an… CONTINUE READING
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