Do Some Taxa Have Better Domain-General Cognition than others? A Meta-Analysis of Nonhuman Primate Studies

  title={Do Some Taxa Have Better Domain-General Cognition than others? A Meta-Analysis of Nonhuman Primate Studies},
  author={R. O. Deaner and C. V. van Schaik and V. Johnson},
  journal={Evolutionary Psychology},
  • R. O. Deaner, C. V. van Schaik, V. Johnson
  • Published 2006
  • Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Although much recent attention has focused on identifying domain-specific taxonomic differences in cognition, little effort has been directed towards investigating whether domain-general differences also exist. We therefore conducted a meta-analysis of published nonhuman primate cognition studies, testing the prediction that some taxa outperform others across a range of testing situations. First, within each of nine experimental paradigms with interspecific variation, we grouped studies by… CONTINUE READING
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