Do News Consumers Want Explanations for Personalized News Rankings

  title={Do News Consumers Want Explanations for Personalized News Rankings},
  author={Maartje ter Hoeve and Mathieu Heruer and Daan Odijk and Anne Schuth and M. Spitters and M. D. Rijke},
  • Maartje ter Hoeve, Mathieu Heruer, +3 authors M. D. Rijke
  • Published 2017
  • Political Science
  • This paper states the case for the principle of minimal necessary data: If two recommender algorithms achieve the same effectiveness, the better algorithm is the one that requires less user data. Applying this principle involves carrying out training data requirements analysis, which we argue should be adopted as best practice for the development and evaluation of recommender algorithms. We take the position that responsible recommendation is recommendation that serves the people whose data it… CONTINUE READING
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