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Do-It-Yourself Girl Power: An Examination of the Riot Grrrl Subculture

  title={Do-It-Yourself Girl Power: An Examination of the Riot Grrrl Subculture},
  author={Lindsay Wright},
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The Ambiguity of Punk Women ‘Masculinity’ in Kuehnert’s I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Castellucci’s Beige Novel
Punk constitutes a subculture that is perceived as an androgyny community in which there is no clear difference between men and women. However, this androgyny matter is questioned by the sexism that
The Application of Girl Power Through Third-Wave Feminism in Birds of Prey
Girl Power is a part of third-wave feminism which has been addressed in several Hollywood movies in the past years. Girl Power is more of a slogan than a theory which emphasizes power and fun


Pussy Rioting
Abstract This essay explores the evolution of the Riot Grrrl movement. A feminist punk movement that profoundly impacted popular culture in the West during the 1990s, Riot Grrrl is generally regarded
“We ARE the Revolution”: Riot Grrrl Press, Girl Empowerment, and DIY Self-Publishing
Punk rock emerged in the late 20th century as a major disruptive force within both the established music scene and the larger capitalist societies of the industrial West. Punk was generally charact...
Singing it out: riot grrrls, Lilith Fair, and feminism
This essay analyzes two women-inspired music events, the riot grrrl movement and Lilith Fair, from a feminist rhetorical perspective to highlight their relationships with feminism and feminist
Commodified Agents and Empowered Girls: Consuming and Producing Feminism
During the 1990s, popular discourse shifted toward what some might consider “pro-girl” rhetoric. At the same time, in the academy as well as among feminist activists, women began talking about a
Riot Grrrl manifesto
  • Bikini Kill Zine 2.
  • 1991
‘A Little Too Ironic’: The Appropriation and Packaging of Riot Grrrl Politics by Mainstream Female Musicians
(2003). ‘A Little Too Ironic’: The Appropriation and Packaging of Riot Grrrl Politics by Mainstream Female Musicians. Popular Music and Society: Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 5-16.
Riot Grrrl: Revolutions from within
Les AA. portent leur attention sur un mouvement musical qui s'est developpe a Washington a partir de 1991 : le « Riot Grrrl » qui s'efforce de promouvoir le punk rock feminin aux Etats-Unis. Elles
Grunge, Riot Grrrl and the Forgetting of Women in Popular Culture
Be a zinester: How and why to publish your own periodical
  • Retrieved from http://www.fallof autumn.com/index.php?Itemid=66&id=175&option=com_ content&task=view
  • 2008
'Paper Planes: Travelling the New Grrrl Geographies'