Do Cockroaches eat Bed Bugs?

  title={Do Cockroaches eat Bed Bugs?},
  author={A. N. Gulati},
HOWLETT, writing on bed bugs in Lefroy's book on “Indian Insect Life”, states: “In America cockroaches and small red ants are mentioned by Marlatt (U.S. Ent. Circular, No. 47) as being fond of eating bugs, the ants in particular being effective checks.” In the account of cockroaches, however, Lefroy himself writes, “these insects are ‘scavengers’, and none is known to feed on living plant tissue or to attack living insects”. In view of the contradictory nature of the two statements, my… 

The Emission Bands of Sulphur.

H. H. VAN IDDEKINGE1 has made the interesting observation that in the emission spectrum of sulphur produced by him, such of the bands as were found by Rosen2 and Henri and Teves3 to be diffuse in the

Die Prädissoziation und verwandte Erscheinungen

Jede Spektrallinie hat eine gewisse Breite, ist also in Wirklichkeit eigentlich keine scharfe Linie, sondern ein wenn auch meist sehr schmales kontinuierliches Spektrum. Diese Breite ist bedingt

The American Cockroach