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Do Black Holes Destroy Information

  title={Do Black Holes Destroy Information},
  author={John Preskill},
I review the information loss paradox that was first formulated by Hawking, and discuss possible ways of resolving it. All proposed solutions have serious drawbacks. I conclude that the information loss paradox may well presage a revolution in fundamental physics. 
The black hole information paradox
A concise survey of the black hole information paradox and its current status is given. A summary is also given of recent arguments against remnants. The assumptions underlying remnants, namely
Thought Experiment to resolve the Black Hole Information Paradox
We propose a combination of two mechanisms that can resolve the black hole information paradox. The first process is that the black hole shrinks by a first order transition, since we assume the
Do Black Holes Exist
The problem of information loss in black hole formation and the associated violations of basic laws of physics, such as conservation of energy, causality and unitarity, are avoided in the
Pure States Don't Wear Black
Recently, string theory has provided some remarkable new insights into the microphysics of black holes. I argue that a simple and important lesson is also provided with regards to the information
Quantum Tunneling Radiation from Loop Quantum Black Holes and the Information Loss Paradox
In this work, we present some results relating to the issue of the Loop Quantum Black Holes (LQBH) thermodynamics by the use of the tunneling radiation formalism. The information loss paradox is also
A Possible resolution of the black hole information loss paradox
The problem of information loss in black hole formation and the associated violations of basic laws of physics, such as conservation of energy, causality and unitarity is reviewed. The problem can be
String Theory, Black Holes and Klein's Lemma 1
In this lecture, I will discuss the connection between entropy, black holes and the measurement problem of quantum mechanics. I will show how the ideas of Oskar Klein play an important role in a
Information Recovery with Hawking Radiation from Dynamical Horizons
Information about the collapsed matter in black holes will be lost with thermal Hawking radiations. Recently, it has been proved that information is conserved in Hawking radiation from stationary
The Hawking Information Loss Paradox: The Anatomy of Controversy
Stephen Hawking has argued that universes containing evaporating black holes can evolve from pure initial states to mixed final ones. Such evolution is non-unitary and so contravenes fundamental
On Black Hole Remnants
We introduce two models for a planck scale black hole remnant (Planckon), which can hold arbitrarily large information, while keeping a vanishing coupling and discuss their physical properties.


Quantum Aspects of Black Holes
This review is based on lectures given at the 1992 Trieste Spring School on String Theory and Quantum Gravity and at the 1992 TASI Summer School in Boulder, Colorado.
Is purity eternal
Hawking Radiation and Back-Reaction
Testing quantum mechanics in the neutral kaon system
Classical and Quantum Production of Cornucopions At Energies Below $10^{18}$ GeV
We argue that the paradoxes associated with infinitely degenerate states, which plague relic particle scenarios for the end point or black hole evaporation, may be absent when the relics are horned
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