Dkk1-mediated inhibition of Wnt signaling in bone results in osteopenia.

  title={Dkk1-mediated inhibition of Wnt signaling in bone results in osteopenia.},
  author={Ji Li and Ildiko Sarosi and Russell C. Cattley and James K. Pretorius and Frank J Asuncion and Mario Grisanti and Sean E Morony and Stephen Adamu and Zhaopo Geng and Wanrong Qiu and Paul J. Kostenuik and David L. Lacey and William S Simonet and Brad N. Bolon and Xueming Qian and Victoria Shalhoub and Michael Stuart Ominsky and Hua Zhu Ke and Xiaodong Li and William G. Richards},
  volume={39 4},
Mutations affecting the activity of the Wnt co-receptors LRP5 and LRP6 that cause alterations in skeletal biology confirmed the involvement of Wnt signaling in bone formation. We evaluated the potential role of Dkk1, an inhibitor of LRP5/6 activity, in bone formation by examining the normal expression pattern of Dkk1 in normal young mice and by assessing the consequences of osteoblast overexpression of Dkk1 in transgenic mice. Endogenous Dkk1 expression was detected primarily in osteoblasts and… CONTINUE READING
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