Divorce in Japan

  title={Divorce in Japan},
  author={Yasu Iwasaki},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={435 - 446}
  • Y. Iwasaki
  • Published 1 November 1930
  • Economics
  • American Journal of Sociology
For a time Japan led the world in the percentage of divorce, but in 1915 the United States overtook and exceeded the rate of Japan. The annual average number of divorces, calculated for five-year periods, since 1884 shows an unbroken downward trend. The rate has decreased in spite of factors which are regarded as causes in the increasing divorce rate in the United States. Among the eleven geographical districts, the prefecture of Okinawa leads in the number of divorces, while Hokkaido has the… 

Modernization and Divorce in Japan

“MODERNIZATION AND DIVORCE IN JAPAN” By Motonobu Mukai Divorce rates in Japan have increased since the mid-1960s, and even more rapidly since the 1990s. Divorce rates decreased throughout the period

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