Divorce after hundreds of years of marriage: Prospects for coal mining in the Czech Republic with regard to the European Union

  title={Divorce after hundreds of years of marriage: Prospects for coal mining in the Czech Republic with regard to the European Union},
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The Energy Landscape versus the Farming Landscape: The Immortal Era of Coal?
This article explores the land use conflict. Coal exploitation precludes agricultural production and, as a result, mining-energy projects come across NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) opposition from the
Analysis of monthly CO2 emission trends for major EU Countries: a time series approach
<p>The following paper analyses monthly trends for CO<sub>2 </sub>emissions from energy consumption for 31 European countries, four primary fuels (i.e., Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Hard Coal, Lignite)
The EU ETS Top Ten Polluters List as a Policy Tool of Climate Action Organisations
The EU ETS is one of the most important EC instruments to curb CO2 emissions. Various climate action organisations use verified emissions data from EU ETS to calculate top EU polluters lists. These
A Simulation Model of Power Demand Management by Manufacturing Enterprises under the Conditions of Energy Sector Transformation
This paper addresses electricity consumption management in manufacturing enterprises. The research aims to provide manufacturing enterprises with an effective tool to control electricity costs.
The Cost-Efficiency Analysis of a System for Improving Fine-Coal Combustion Efficiency of Power Plant Boilers
Hard coal is widely used as a source of energy, and a number of catalysts have been developed to minimize the noxious impact of this fuel on combustion. This paper presents the cost-efficiency


Updated energy policy of the Czech Republic may result in instability of the electricity grid in Central Europe
Brown coal is the resource used for generating half of the electricity and most of the heat that is distributed over the public network in the Czech Republic, which is one of the largest exporters of
Research background: Due to increasing economic and sector risk coal mining in Europe is treated as a declining industry. In post-transition economies such approach is a threat for energy security
Trends in coal use – global, EU and Poland
That aim of this paper is to compare trends in global, European use of coal with tendencies in Poland, one of heavy coal dependent countries. Polish power generation is unique among OECD countries,
Lifting lignite mining limits – correction of the Czech Republic energy policy
ABSTRACT In its decision from October 2015, the Government of the Czech Republic corrected its raw material and energy policies by modifying the scope of the territorial ecological limits placed on
Uranium and the Energy Strategy of the Czech Republic in Electricity Production
The structure of the production of electricity in the Czech Republic is based on the structure of its raw material basis that includes reserves of lignite, steam coal, coking coal and uranium. On the