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Divisors computing minimal log discrepancies on lc surfaces

  title={Divisors computing minimal log discrepancies on lc surfaces},
  author={Jihao Liu and Lingyao Xie},
Let (X ∋ x,B) be an lc surface germ. If X ∋ x is klt, we show that there exists a divisor computing the minimal log discrepancy of (X ∋ x,B) that is a Kollár component of X ∋ x. If B 6= 0 or X ∋ x is not Du Val, we show that any divisor computing the minimal log discrepancy of (X ∋ x,B) is a potential lc place of X ∋ x. 
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On boundedness of singularities and minimal log discrepancies of Koll\'ar components
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