Divination and Politics in Southern Vietnam: Roots of Caodaism

  title={Divination and Politics in Southern Vietnam: Roots of Caodaism},
  author={J{\'e}r{\'e}my Jammes},
  journal={Social Compass},
  pages={357 - 371}
  • J. Jammes
  • Published 1 September 2010
  • Sociology
  • Social Compass
Caodaism is a Vietnamese religious movement that appeared in colonial Cochinchina in the 1920s. What are the sociological roots of Caodaism? The author attempts to answer this question through an analysis of the Caodaist networks that developed in the early 20th century in Cochinchina. Setting out some ethnographic materials concerning the Chinese Minh religions, the author focuses on only one of the five Minh religions in Vietnam, called Minh Lý (“Enlightened Reason”). He sheds new light on… 

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AND PRACTICES This paper examines communication strategies of an indigenously founded religion with 5 million followers in Vietnam, Caodaism. Blending Orthodox Taoism from China, Indianized Champa

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Caodaism is an indigenous and syncretistic religion of Vietnam that appeared in the 1920s, during the French colonial period. Caodaists believe that they have the responsibility to save humanity

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Bibliographie internationale de Sociologie des Religions 2010/ International Bibliography of Sociology of Religions 2010

Les lecteurs de notre revue trouveront ci-dessous la bibliographie internationale de sociologie des religions pour l’année 2010. Nous rappelons que notre bibliographie ne couvre de façon systématique

Differential Associations of Religious Involvement with the Mental Health of Asian-American Subgroups: A Cultural Perspective

The differential religious patterns in the more acculturated generations between the two AA subgroups suggest religious assimilation as part of their acculturation in the context of divergent immigration experiences.



An introduction to Caodaism I. Origins and early history

  • R. Smith
  • History
    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 1970
Few phenomena in the modern history of Asia can have been so completely misunderstood by Westerners as the Vietnamese religious (and political) movement known in European languages as ‘Caodaism’.

An introduction to Caodaism II. Beliefs and Organization

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  • Philosophy
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The religion of Cao-Dai is fundamentally, and deliberately, syncretic. Since it includes Christ and Moses (but for some reason, not Muhammad) in its pantheon, the Western student might be tempted to

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Anthropologist David Jordan and Daniel Overmyer, a historian of religions, present a joint analysis of the most important group of sectarian religious societies in contemporary Taiwan: those that

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Apparu dans les annees 1920, en Cochinchine, le caodaisme est un mouvement religieux qui a marque politiquement le sud du Vietnam. Cette recherche ethnologique offre une double lecture, a une echelle

"Moral Mediums: Spirit-Writing and the Cultural Construction of Chinese Spirit-Mediumship"

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Depuis 1975, date de la prise du pouvoir national par les autorites communistes de Hanoi, l'Etat a mis en place un certain nombre de mesures visant a maitriser le mouvement politico-religieux Cao

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