Divided nevus of the eyelids: three case studies.


Divided nevus or kissing nevus is a rare form of congenital nevus that usually occurs on adjacent parts of the upper and lower eyelids of one eye. Most often, the formation is present from birth, but it may also appear later. Three new cases during the period 1996 to 2004 are reported. Two of them were treated in our unit for oncological, functional and aesthetic purposes, and one preferred not to be operated on. All our patients had divided nevus of the left eyelid. In the first case, the reconstruction was achieved with two tarso-conjunctival flaps covered with skin grafts. In the second case, we used a technique based on autologous cultivated conjunctival epithelium. The third patient preferred not to be operated on and is still under clinical follow-up. Because of the severe disfigurement, risk of later malignant change in the lesion, and the possibility of deprivation amblyopia, early surgical treatment is very important.

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