Diversity of the Tcra-V3 gene family in BALB/c mice

  title={Diversity of the Tcra-V3 gene family in BALB/c mice},
  author={K Tan and Kathy Huang and Kyl V. Myrick and Garry Tanigawa},
 Southern analysis of Eco RI-digested BALB/c liver DNA reveals four T-cell receptor Tcra-V3-hybridizing DNA fragments, which are of sizes 18.0, 12.0, 8.0, and 2.1 kilobases, respectively. These four Tcra-V3-hybridizing genomic DNA were isolated from a BALB/c genomic library. Restriction and Southern analysis of the genomic DNA clones showed that each of the Tcra-V3-hybridizing Eco RI DNA fragments harbors only a single Tcra-V3 gene. The DNA sequences of coding regions of the four Tcra-V3 family… CONTINUE READING

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