Diversity of protein carbonylation in allergic airway inflammation.

  title={Diversity of protein carbonylation in allergic airway inflammation.},
  author={Katsura Nagai and Tomoko Betsuyaku and Satoshi Konno and Yoko Ito and Yasuyuki Nasuhara and Nobuyuki Hizawa and Takahito Kondo and Masaharu Nishimura},
  journal={Free radical research},
  volume={42 11-12},
Oxidative stress is involved in asthma. This study assessed the carbonylation of sputum proteins in 23 uncontrolled adult asthmatic patients and 23 healthy controls. Carbonylated proteins (68 kDa and 53 kDa) were elevated in asthmatics when compared to controls and the 68-kDa carbonylated protein was significantly correlated with sputum eosinophilia. The kinetics of protein carbonylation in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) were then examined in a mouse ovalbumin-induced allergic inflammation… CONTINUE READING
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