Diversity of antisense regulation in eukaryotes: Multiple mechanisms, emerging patterns

  title={Diversity of antisense regulation in eukaryotes: Multiple mechanisms, emerging patterns},
  author={S. H. Munroe},
  journal={Journal of Cellular Biochemistry},
  • S. H. Munroe
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
  • High‐throughput analysis of RNA molecules in multicellular eukaryotes has revealed an abundance of complementary antisense RNAs that are transcribed from separate or overlapping genes. In mammals these include many novel non‐coding RNAs of unknown function. This unexpected complexity of the mammalian transcriptome suggests that expression of many genes is regulated post‐transcriptionally by mechanisms mediated by RNA–RNA base pairing. The recent discovery of the widespread expression of… CONTINUE READING
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