Diversity of Synanthropic Mites in Kolkat a Metropolis , India

  title={Diversity of Synanthropic Mites in Kolkat a Metropolis , India},
  author={Sudipta Chaudhury and M Roy and Sanjoy Podder and Salil Kumar Gupta and Goutam Kumar Saha},
The synanthropic mites are those which regularly inhabit human settlements and human constructions where they form permanent or intermittent, independent or semi independent popUlation (Kucheruk, 1965 and Rosicky, 199]). The group chiefly consisting of mite fauna inhabiting house dust (floor dust and bed dust), stored product, house hold storages and granaries, bird's nest, cattle sheds and those occuring in roof gardens. The dust mites are of great concern to human health as they are directly… CONTINUE READING
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