Diversity of Flea (Siphonaptera) Parasites on Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in Romania.

  title={Diversity of Flea (Siphonaptera) Parasites on Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in Romania.},
  author={Patrick Foley and Janet E. Foley and Attila David S{\'a}ndor and Angela Monica Ionică and Ioana Adriana Matei and Gianluca D'Amico and Călin Mircea Gherman and A CDom and Andrei Daniel Mihalca},
  journal={Journal of medical entomology},
  volume={54 5},
Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes (L.)) are widespread across Europe, tolerant of synanthropic ecosystems, and susceptible to diseases potentially shared with humans and other animals. We describe flea fauna on red foxes in Romania, a large, ecologically diverse country, in part because fleas may serve as an indicator of the risk of spillover of vector-borne disease. We found 912 individual fleas of seven species on the 305 foxes assessed, for an infestation prevalence of 49.5%. Mean flea load per fox… CONTINUE READING