Diversity of Australasian freshwater turtles, with an annotated synonymy and keys to species

  title={Diversity of Australasian freshwater turtles, with an annotated synonymy and keys to species},
  author={Arthur Georges and Scott A. Thomson},
There have been many substantial advances in our knowledge of Australasian freshwater turtle biodiversity in the last three decades, but the classification of genera and species is in dire need of review. The proliferation of names in unpublished manuscripts and in taxonomic works published in ephemeral (often privately printed) magazines, journals or books, without the benefits of peer review and often with little justification and scant diagnoses, many of which are not allowable nomenclatural… 

Mitogenomics of historical type specimens of Australasian turtles: clarification of taxonomic confusion and old mitochondrial introgression

This study applies high-throughput parallel sequencing and sequence baiting to reconstruct the mitogenomes from 18 type specimens of Australasian side-necked turtles (Chelidae), and analyses the mitagenomes of the types and those of fresh material to improve the understanding of the phylogenetic relationships of this morphologically conservative group.

The botanical and zoological codes impede biodiversity research by discouraging publication of unnamed new species

The botanical and zoological codes need to be immediately updated to discourage such taxonomic piracy; this would encourage taxonomists to disseminate their vital biodiversity data as quickly and broadly as possible.

The harvest of freshwater turtles (Chelidae) from Papua, Indonesia, for the international pet trade

Abstract The international trade in wildlife is currently one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. One group, the turtles, has experienced far-reaching population declines and extinctions because

Freshwater Turtles of Australia

  • A. Georges
  • Environmental Science
    Australian Journal of Zoology
  • 2018
An excellent account of the diversity of form and habits of the authors' chelonian friends as represented by the Australasian turtle fauna.

A new species of freshwater turtle of the genus Elseya (Testudinata: Pleurodira: Chelidae) from the Northern Territory of Australia.

A large chelid turtle that can be distinguished from all other Australian members of the genus Elseya by the distinctive cream or yellow plastron, free of the dark streaking, blotches or suffusing present in other species is described here.

Response to Arthur Georges' review of Freshwater Turtles of Australia (2017)

The reviewer presents several criticisms, a major point of contention being his belief that one of the primary purposes of the book was to ‘reshape the scientific classification of those turtles, through a taxonomic reevaluation’, one he was disappointed with.

A new species and subgenus of Elseya (Testudines: Pleurodira: Chelidae) from New Guinea.

This paper restricts Elseya novaeguineae to the Birds Head region of New Guinea, west of the Langguru Thrust and Fold Belt; a new species is described for the populations north of the Central Ranges; and the classification of the genus Elseya is revisited, and three subgenera are erected that recognize the three major clades within this genus.

Misleading phylogenetic inferences based on single-exemplar sampling in the turtle genus Pseudemys.

Mitochondrial variation among Australian freshwater turtles (genus Myuchelys), with special reference to the Endangered M. bellii

The mtDNA phylogeny supports previous phylogenetic findings of a deep phylogenetic divergence between M. purvisi and M. georgesi (13.5% mtDNA) and the sister taxa relationship of M. latisternum andM.

Revised Type Locality and Distribution of the Data Deficient Chelodina kuchlingi and a Review of its Status as a Distinct Species

  • G. Kuchling
  • Environmental Science
    Chelonian Conservation and Biology: Celebrating 25 Years as the World's Turtle and Tortoise Journal
  • 2020
A review of documents from the 1960s demonstrates that mix-ups of collection data of various turtle specimens occurred between their collection in the Kimberley in 1965 and 1966 and their accession in the Western Australian Museum 9–24 mo later, considered to represent a valid, Data Deficient species.



Validity of Taxonomic Changes for Turtles Proposed by Wells and Wellington

Of their proposed names, only the genus Macrochelodina, and the species Elseya purvisi and Emydura worrelli represent available names and will require action by the ICZN to prevent a destabilization of these names.

Taxonomic Freedom and the Role of Official Lists of Species Names

It is argued that current practices for authoring, reviewing, and using this list, in some cases, generate taxonomic chaos and that users are uncertain of which name to use and/or the rationale for using a particular name, and efficient communication is hindered by this confusion.

Freshwater turtles of the TransFly region of Papua New Guinea – notes on diversity, distribution, reproduction, harvest and trade

The diversity, distribution, habitat and reproductive biology of the freshwater turtles of the TransFly region of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea are reported, with special emphasis on reproduction of Emydura subglobosa, Elseya branderhorsti and Elseya novaeguineae.

Turtles of the World: Annotated Checklist of Taxonomy and Synonymy

000.1 Conservation Biology of Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises: A Compilation Project of the IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group A.G.J. Rhodin, P.C.H. Pritchard, P.P. van Dijk,

A New Species of Freshwater Turtle in the Genus Elseya (Testudines: Chelidae) from Central Coastal Queensland, Australia

A new species of freshwater turtle from the Burnett River of coastal Queensland, a large, predominantly herbivorous species previously regarded to belong to the widespread species Elseya dentata, which is most closely related to Elseya irwini.

Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia

Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia is a complete guide to Australia’s rich and varied herpetofauna, including frogs, crocodiles, turtles, tortoises, lizards and snakes. For each of the 1218 species

Taxonomic inflation: its influence on macroecology and conservation.

A new species of long necked turtle (Chelidae: Chelodina) from the sandstone plateau of Arnhem Land, northern Australia

A new species of long-necked freshwater turtle of the family Chelidae is described from the Arnhem Land Plateau in the Northern Territory of Australia and is the smallest member of that group of species and is clearly distinct from Chelodina rugosa in a canonical discriminant analysis.

A Phylogeny for Australian Chelid Turtles Based on Allozyme Electrophoresis

Analysis of relationships among the Australian Chelidae revealed that the genus Elseya, as currently recognised, is paraphyletic, and further work is required to firmly establish the affinities of Rheodytes and 'short-necked alpha' in a phylogeny for the Australian chelid turtles.

Recent hybrid origin of three rare Chinese turtles

Phylogenetic analysis shows that these rare geoemydid turtles represent recent hybrids rather than valid species, and correctly match sequences of other species that were hypothesized from morphology to be their parental species.