Diversity in the sunflower: Puccinia helianthi pathosystem in Australia

  title={Diversity in the sunflower: Puccinia helianthi pathosystem in Australia},
  author={Barbara C Sendall and Gary A. Kong and Ken C. Goulter and Elizabeth A. B. Aitken and Steven M. Thompson and Jennyfer M Mitchell and J. K. Kochman and W. Lawson and Tracey Shatte and Thomas J. Gulya},
  journal={Australasian Plant Pathology},
Sunflower rust caused by Puccinia helianthi is the most important disease of sunflower in Australia with the potential to cause significant yield losses in susceptible hybrids. Rapid and frequent virulence changes in the rust fungus population limit the effective lifespan of commercial cultivars and impose constant pressure on breeding programs to identify and deploy new sources of resistance. This paper contains a synopsis of virulence data accumulated over 25 years, and more recent studies of… CONTINUE READING
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