Diversity in repeat-containing surface proteins of Leishmania major.

  title={Diversity in repeat-containing surface proteins of Leishmania major.},
  author={Paul G McKean and Katharine Trenholme and Dr. Priyadarshni Rangarajan and J K Keen and Deborah F. Smith},
  journal={Molecular and biochemical parasitology},
  volume={86 2},
The gene B protein (GBP) is one of the products of the LmcDNA16 gene family, a cluster of related but non-identical genes that are differentially-expressed during the Leishmania life cycle. This protein, which is found on the surface of infective stage parasites, contains an extensive region of proline-rich amino acid repeats, constituting 45% of the total protein. The structure and stability of these repeats have been investigated in a number of L. major strains by polymerase chain reaction… CONTINUE READING

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