Diversity-enhanced equal access-considerable throughput gains with 1-bit feedback

  title={Diversity-enhanced equal access-considerable throughput gains with 1-bit feedback},
  author={Magnus Johansson},
  journal={IEEE 5th Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, 2004.},
  • Magnus Johansson
  • Published 2004 in
    IEEE 5th Workshop on Signal Processing Advances…
We investigate performance aspects of adaptive modulation and scheduling as the amount of channel feedback is reduced. We study throughput, fairness and the sensitivity to incorrect channel quantizations. A main finding is that the throughput of a cellular downlink using strict multiuser diversity does not degrade significantly when the channel information is heavily quantized. On the other hand, unfairness increases and due to an inherent sensitivity to incorrectly chosen quantization levels… CONTINUE READING
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