Diversity and prevalence of antiretroviral genotypic resistance mutations among HIV-1-infected children.

  title={Diversity and prevalence of antiretroviral genotypic resistance mutations among HIV-1-infected children.},
  author={Fl{\'a}via Jacqueline Almeida and Eitan Namaan Berezin and Ros{\^a}ngela Rodrigues and Marco Aur{\'e}lio Palazzi S{\'a}fadi and Mariana Volpe Arnoni and Cristina Oliveira and Lu{\'i}s Fernando Br{\'i}gido},
  journal={Jornal de pediatria},
  volume={85 2},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate genotyping and subtyping in antiretroviral (ARV) naïve and experienced children, as well as drug resistance profiles through genotyping in these children. METHODS This retrospective study assessed ARV-naïve HIV children and HIV children failing highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) followed up at Santa Casa de São Paulo. Genotyping was performed using purified polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products from retrotranscribed RNA using Kit Viroseq HIV-1 Genotyping… CONTINUE READING
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