Diversity and diversification of HLA-A,B,C alleles.

  title={Diversity and diversification of HLA-A,B,C alleles.},
  author={Peter R Parham and David A. Lawlor and C E Lomen and Peter D. Ennis},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={142 11},
The nucleotide sequences encoding 14 HLA-A,B,C and 5 ChLA-A,B,C molecules have been determined. Combining these sequences with published data has enabled the polymorphism in 40 HLA-A,B,C and 9 ChLA-A,B,C alleles to be analyzed. Diversity is generated through assortment of point mutations by recombinational mechanisms including gene and allelic conversions. The distribution and frequency of silent and replacement substitutions indicate that there has been positive selection for allelic diversity… CONTINUE READING
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