Diversity and abundance of the abnormal chromosome 10 meiotic drive complex in Zea mays

  title={Diversity and abundance of the abnormal chromosome 10 meiotic drive complex in Zea mays},
  author={L. Kanizay and T. Pyh{\"a}j{\"a}rvi and E. G. Lowry and M. Hufford and D. Peterson and J. Ross-Ibarra and R. Dawe},
  • L. Kanizay, T. Pyhäjärvi, +4 authors R. Dawe
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Heredity
  • Maize Abnormal chromosome 10 (Ab10) contains a classic meiotic drive system that exploits the asymmetry of meiosis to preferentially transmit itself and other chromosomes containing specialized heterochromatic regions called knobs. The structure and diversity of the Ab10 meiotic drive haplotype is poorly understood. We developed a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library from an Ab10 line and used the data to develop sequence-based markers, focusing on the proximal portion of the haplotype… CONTINUE READING
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