Diversity , Abundance and Habitats of the Primates in the Río Curaray Basin , Peruvian Amazonia

  title={Diversity , Abundance and Habitats of the Primates in the R{\'i}o Curaray Basin , Peruvian Amazonia},
  author={Rolando Aquino and L. L{\'o}pez and Gabriel R Garc{\'i}a and Eckhard W Heymann},
Western Amazonia is one of the regions of the world with the highest terrestrial biodiversity. We conducted transect censuses between November and December 2012 in order to determine the diversity and the densities of primate populations, and their group sizes and habitat use in the Río Curaray region. During 610 km of transect surveys, we encountered 304 groups of 13 primate species. Woolly monkeys, Lagothrix poeppigii, were the most frequently observed (n = 49 sightings) and pygmy marmosets… CONTINUE READING