Diversion of HIV-1 vaccine–induced immunity by gp41-microbiota cross-reactive antibodies

  title={Diversion of HIV-1 vaccine–induced immunity by gp41-microbiota cross-reactive antibodies},
  author={Wilton B Williams and Hua-Xin Liao and M Anthony Moody and Thomas B. Kepler and S. Munir Alam and Feng Gao and Kevin Wiehe and Ashley Trama and Kathryn J Jones and Ruijun Zhang and Hongshuo Song and Dawn Jones Marshall and John F. Whitesides and Kaitlin Sawatzki and Axin Hua and Pinghuang Liu and Matthew Zirui Tay and Kelly E Seaton and Xiaoying Shen and Andrew Foulger and Krissey E. Lloyd and R. Parks and Justin J. Pollara and Guido Ferrari and J Yu and Nathan A. Vandergrift and David C. Montefiori and Magdalena E. Sobieszczyk and Scott M. Hammer and Shelly Tanner Karuna and Peter Gilbert and Doug Grove and Nicole Grunenberg and M Juliana McElrath and John R. Mascola and Richard A. Koup and Lawrence Corey and Gary J. Nabel and Cecilia Morgan and Gavin John Churchyard and Janine Maenza and Michael C. Keefer and Barney S. Graham and Lindsey Robert Baden and Georgia D. Tomaras and Barton F. Haynes},
An HIV-1 DNA prime vaccine, with a recombinant adenovirus type 5 (rAd5) boost, failed to protect from HIV-1 acquisition. We studied the nature of the vaccine-induced antibody (Ab) response to HIV-1 envelope (Env). HIV-1–reactive plasma Ab titers were higher to Env gp41 than to gp120, and repertoire analysis demonstrated that 93% of HIV-1–reactive Abs from memory B cells responded to Env gp41. Vaccine-induced gp41-reactive monoclonal antibodies were non-neutralizing and frequently polyreactive… CONTINUE READING
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