Diverse Responses of Membrane-associated Enzymes of Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells to Anti-microtubular Agents

  title={Diverse Responses of Membrane-associated Enzymes of Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells to Anti-microtubular Agents},
  author={Tomonori Kurokawa and Mi Jung Seo and Sadahiko Ishibashi},
  journal={Cell Structure and Function},
Ehrlich ascites tumor-bearing mice were treated with colchi-cine or mitomycin C. Under colchicine, adenylate cyclase activity in tumor cells decreased to about a third of the untreated control level, whereas 5'-nucleotidase activity increased to almost twice the control level. Colchicine treatment resulted in about a 30 % reduction of 3H-thymidine incorporation into DNA. Mitomycin C inhibited the incorporation of 3H-thymidine much more mark-edly but changes in the two enzyme activities were… 
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