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Diverse Pairs of Matchings

  title={Diverse Pairs of Matchings},
  author={F. Fomin and P. A. Golovach and L. Jaffke and G. Philip and Danil Sagunov},
  • F. Fomin, P. A. Golovach, +2 authors Danil Sagunov
  • Published 2020
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • We initiate the study of the Diverse Pair of (Maximum/ Perfect) Matchings problems which given a graph $G$ and an integer $k$, ask whether $G$ has two (maximum/perfect) matchings whose symmetric difference is at least $k$. Diverse Pair of Matchings (asking for two not necessarily maximum or perfect matchings) is NP-complete on general graphs if $k$ is part of the input, and we consider two restricted variants. First, we show that on bipartite graphs, the problem is polynomial-time solvable, and… CONTINUE READING

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